Difference between wet wipes making machine and dry wipes machine

Time: 2021-08-30 17:39

Different production process of wet wipes making machine and dry wipes machine

The working process of the wet wipes machines

High temperature sterilization——vertical cutting of the fabric——rolled up fabric——fermented fabric at room temperature——embossed printing-folding——soaking in purified water——fixed size cutting——packaging——inspection——put in the box

The production process of dry wipes machine

Thedry wipes including toilet paper, napkins, cotton soft towels, face towels, etc. Take toilet paper or napkins as an example to show the production process.
Rawmaterial acquisition——rinsing——centrifugalscreen——mixing——pulp pump——paper machine——rewinding——perforation——embossing——paper cutter——packing

Wet wipes machine and dry wipes machine process different raw materials

Raw materials for wet wipes

Wet wipes are divided into two kinds according to the material: one is wet strong paper, the other is non-woven, most wet wipes are water-spiked non-woven fabric. Wet wipes on the market can be broadly divided into two categories: one is itself has been disinfected, but it can not disinfect other items, which contain skin care ingredients, can only do wet skin maintenance. The other is not only disinfection itself, but also disinfection of other items. The main components of wet paper towels are nonwovens, water, additives.
Spunlace non-woven fabricSpunlace non woven fabric

Raw materials for dry paper towels

Dry paper towels are divided into toilet paper, napkins, facial tissues, face towels and so on. The first two are mainly refined from virgin wood pulp or bamboo pulp. The latter is made of 100% cotton fiber, viscose, rayon, viscose polyester blended material, and polyester.
raw wood pulpwood pulp

Different finished product function of the wet & dry wipe making machines

Functions of wet wipes

Wet wipes can be divided into baby wipes, disinfection wipes, alcohol wipes, restaurant wipes, and can be used in a very wide range. Different groups of people can choose different types of wet wipes. Sterilization wet wipes contain certain sterilization ingredients. When it is inconvenient to wash your hands when going out, you can use sterile wipes to effectively clean and sterilize. Wet paper towels are best not to be used to wipe your face. Facial skin is fragile, and the bactericidal ingredients in it will damage the skin. Adults, children, and pregnant women can choose suitable wipes. The current technology is also very advanced, and there are special machine for wet wipes, such as alcohol wet wipe machine, disinfectant wet wipes machinery, baby wet wipes machine, baby and fami wet wipes making machine, etc.
wet wipes for sterilizationwet wipes for cleaning screenwet wipes for removing make-upbaby wet wipes for cleaning

Functions of dry tissues

Dry paper towels are generally used in the kitchen, after washing hands, and in the toilet, and it is very convenient to use. Facial tissue is a special facial paper, specially used to clean the face. It is soft and skin-friendly, with high hygiene requirements. It is safe to wipe the mouth and face. Toilet paper is special toilet paper, and qualified toilet paper will not cause harm to the human body.
Toilet paperfacial tissuedry wipesdry wipe

Different development prospects of wet and dry wipes machine

In recent years, the continuous improvement of people's consumption power and health awareness has promoted the growth of the global wet wipes market, but Europe and the United States still occupy the main market share of global wet wipes. Especially in the case of frequent epidemics, personal hygiene defense is very important. In terms of categories, baby wipes have the largest demand and will be the largest category of wet wipes in the next few years. Dry paper towels have been in a relatively stable state. Relatively speaking, the wet wipe making machine is a good investment project, especially the baby wipes market. Under normal circumstances, the selling price of wet wipes on the market is higher than that of paper towels, because wet wipes have higher functionality, such as cleaning, disinfecting, wiping, removing makeup, and so on. The facts show that wet wipes are a good investment project.
wet wipes market developmentdifferent types wet wipe market  share