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How to Keep Wet Wipes Wet?

Time: 2021-04-25 10:54

wet wipes production line
How does the wet wipe keep wet?following atricle we have a short introduce for you:
1. The moisturizing effect of wet tissues is good because the wet tissues have been in a vacuum-sealed packaging state, so they are kept in a wet state for a long time.So chose a good quality wet wipes packing machine was very important.
2.Propylene glycol is added to wet wipes when produce the wet wipes,propylene glycol is a humectant that can maintain long-lasting moisture.
3.The wet tissues are made of non-woven fabrics,the non-woven fabrics is important to keep wet wipes wet for a long time,so we can chose high quality and no harm for our boday and keep wet wipes wet's material non-woven fabrics.
4.It is important to choose a good quality wet wipes production line to make wet wipes products with good moisturizing effect with good production technology.
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