Back Sealing Single Pcs Wet Wipes Production Line

1 Pcs/Bag, Back Sealing, Fully Automatic

Capacity: 30-260 Bags/Min

Final Products: Back Sealing Wet Wipes

Full automatic back sealing wet wipes packing machine is specially designed for wet tissue packing. Adopt vertically folding, feeding film underneath, it runs fast and stably.

  • Product Description

    Full automatic back sealing wet wipes production line can automatically complete: folding wet tissue,cutting, spraying medicine liquid, slitting, bag forming, sealing,counting, printing batch number, finished product output ect. And it can avoidthe secondary pollution during packing of wet wipes.

    • Back sealing wet wipes production line
    • Back sealing single wet wipes packaging machine
    • Back sealing single wet wipes making machine


    The Back sealing wet wipes machine is suitable for the production various kind of back sealing wet wipes/tissue, personal hygiene wipes, alcohol swabs/pads, etc.

    • Hand wipes
      Hand wipes
    • Wet wipes for restaurants
      Wet wipes for restaurants
    • Personal care wet wipes
      Personal care wet wipes
    • Screen protector wipes
      Screen protector wipes
  • Technical Parameters

    Model SY-250
    Support Language Chinese, English, French (can be customized)
    Speed 120-200 packs/min (Depends on folding size, folding method and packaging film)
    Total Power AC220V 50HZ/60HZ 2.5KW (Can be customized)
    Folding Method Pair fold
    Gas Source No need for air compressor
    Weight 700 Kg
    Dimension 2100*1500*1600mm
    Material of Wet Wipes
    Material Spunlace non-woven fabric
    Parent Roll Specification Maximum diameter: 1150mm, Width: (80-280) mm
    Axis Number Setting Single axis operation
    Shaft Diameter Diameter 76.2 mm
    Wet Wipes Unfolded Size Length (80-280)*Width (80-280) mm
    Wet Wipes Folded Size Length (30-140)*Width (40-90) mm
    Packing Material
    Packing Material Aluminized film, aluminum foil film
    Material Thickness 0.06 mm
    Axis Number Setting Single-axis operation, active film release
    Shaft Diameter Diameter 70-75 mm
    Packaging Material Specification Diameter 350mm, width: (80-260) mm
    Package Dimensions (50-170)*(50-100) mm


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