What machine do I need to buy to produce ready-for-sale wet wipes?

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You need to understand the typical wet wipes production process in order to get the answer:

A typical wet wipes manufacturing work flow entails 4 processes:

A typical wet wipes manufacturing work flow entails 4 processes

a.Wet wipes converting process

b.Wet wipes packaging process

c.Wet wipes lid application

d.End-of-the-line packaging process

Each process needs an individual machine that connects together to form an automated production line.

We manufacture full automatic wet wipes machine and when we are talking about full an automated production line it normally means a+b+c(Optional).

A complete automated production line= Wet wipes converting machine + wet wipes packaging machine + wet wipes lid applicator (Optional).

End-of-line packaging system refers to automated case packer that is operated by an 8-axile robot to pick up output wipes from primary packaging machine and stuff them into cartons. This process can also be done manually if you see no temporary need for huge investment on automation system.

Please check our wet wipes machines and send inquiries for detailed quotation on specific model.