Is there one wet wipes machine can product all types of wet wipes?

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Generally speaking, there is no one-size-fits-all wet wipes machines. You can not expect to get a wet wipes machine that can make all types of wet wipes at different sizes/ specs.

Wet Wipes can be divided into three categories by its applications:

Personal care wipes include baby wipes, hand sanitizing wipes, makeup removal wipes, facial cleaning wipes, body cleansing wipes , feminine hygiene wipes, medical wipes., flushable toilet wipes.

Household wipes include wipes for general purpose home care- surface disinfecting wipes, floor cleaning wipes, kitchen cleaning wipes, toilet cleaning wipes, automotive car cleaning, lens cleaning wipes, and shoe polishing wipes.

Commercial/ industrial wipes include general purpose wipes, speciality(Degreasing / Machinery cleaning wipes)wipes for food service and healthcare sector.

However, if you come to a wet wipes machine manufacturer with a request for machines intended for a specific application, you probably will get nowhere.

Wet wipes machines are commonly categorized by its work flow into 4 types:

(1) Single Sachet Wet Wipes Machine

– (Four-side Sealing) or (Back Sealing)

(2) Cross Fold Wet Wipes Machine (1-10Pcs/Pack)

(3) Portable Wet Wipes Machine (10-30Pcs/Pack)

(4) Big Pouch Wet Wipes Machine (30-120Pcs/Pack)