Why do we need spunlace non-woven fabric to produce wet wipes?

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What is spun lace nonwoven Fabric?

The Spunlace process is a nonwovens manufacturing system that employs jets of water to entangle fibres and thereby provide fabric integrity.

(1)composite of different fibres

(2)one type of fabric under the non-woven category based on its manufacturing techniques

Typical Fiber types in spun-lace for wet wipes

Here is a list of the typical fibre types that can be found in wet wipes and their properties:

(1)Polyester (PET) & Polypropylene (PP)

(2)Viscose (Rayon in the USA) & Tencel

(3)Wood pulp


The most common fibre combination for spun-lace in wet wipes application is PET+VISCOSE. In fact, With the development of spunlaced nonwoven technology currently, we have adopted some new spunlaced technology to produce Woodpulp Spunlace Fabric which is gaining popularity and is seen as the replacement of some normal spun lace fabric, this fabric has 2 types:

Woodpulp +PET & Woodpulp+PP

This wood pulp non woven fabric is more economic as the alternative substrate for spun-lace wipers.

What you will find that is very rarely is a wet wipe made solely out of one fibre. Due to their different properties fibers are blended together at different ratios depending on the situation at hand. A household wet wipe will want more absorbency and strength as opposed to softness.

Cost another factor to take into consideration. Fibres like cotton, viscose, and Tencel can be expensive and therefore depending on the product and the application the fibre blend is adjusted accordingly.

Innovative products and solutions can be created; problems can be solved and needs to be met by incorporating appropriate properties. These properties are often combined to create fabrics suited for specific jobs while achieving a good balance between product use-life and cost. (From Below table you can see properties of different fibres)

Pattern types for Spun-lace

There are 3 patterns commonly applied in spun-lace fabric for wet wipes:

Plain, Pearl(Embossed), Mesh type

The plain pattern is more prevalent and widely acceptable on the wipes market. Which pattern to choose depends on your likeness and acceptance of consumers, though the pearl embossed pattern does make the wipes look nicer and will thus cost more.